Ask Your AI

Train AI on Your Business Data

Train AI on your business data confidentially, and unlock high value knowledge for customers and your team that was previously hidden in hard-to-navigate folder structures.Use cases include:1. Create on brand marketing copy by anyone at the company.
2. Transform product user guides into real time conversational tools.
3. Upgrade website frequently asked questions into a realtime assistant.

There is currently a 2 -3 week backlog to train AI on your business data. Please provide your email address to join the waitlist to be contacted.

Fee is between 1,500 and 4,500+gst depending on data size and the hygiene of data sources.


Try ChatGPKiwi

ChatGPKiwi was trained on hundreds of hours of business interviews with real Kiwi business owners.Ask ChatGPKiwi a question and navigate your own business journey with guidance from business owners like you.

Business Starter Questions

* What is the best way to go about exiting a business?* Share an inspirational quote from the book... another one?* What are some key sales skills mentioned in the book?* can you sum up chapter five in a paragraph?* I need help with... 👇

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