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— David Trubridge, Designer + Artist

100% Kiwi Business delivers insights you can use to navigate your own business journey, through the wisdom of what's working today for 100 kiwi business owners on their journey.


In the 100% Kiwi Business book you will receive:

  • A vision for New Zealand's future.

  • Insights and lessons from 100 Kiwi Business Owners and CEO's across almost every conceivable industry.

  • 9 business success navigators for every business stage.

  • 3 ways to restructure your marketing capability into a media publishing powerhouse.

  • BONUS:  Includes Over 200+ question prompts you can use to drive your business forward.

Learn what’s working for Kiwi business owners, and the questions to ask, to unlock your own professional and personal success.

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A Luxury Kiwi Business Book

This 100% Kiwi Business book has been produced using the century-old proven technique of offset printing, to produce a book of the highest possible print quality.

100% Kiwi Business book is a premium large format book.

Because of that, we're not printing a lot and once they run out, there will be no more of this luxury version available.


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Receive your priority when the first copies are delivered on 26th June 2018. 

Delivery options to Australia, Canada, U.S. and the U.K also available.

Order your copy of 100% Kiwi Business.
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“You can do it, if you really want to.”
— Craig Hickson, New Zealander of the Year

Ryan L. Jennings interviewed 100 business owners for the Ryan Marketing Show iTunes Podcast to share the goodness that New Zealanders are creating.

He enjoys playing on the edge of business and technology and is curious about what happens next. 

Jennings is a New Zealand Business Mentor, Adviser, Speaker and Top Writer on Climate Change for the United States Medium Publication. 


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