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— David Trubridge, Designer + Artist

100% Kiwi Business delivers insights you can use to navigate your own business journey, through the wisdom of what's working today for 100 kiwi business owners on their journey.


In the 100% Kiwi Business book you will receive:

  • A vision for New Zealand's future.

  • Insights and lessons from 100 Kiwi Business Owners and CEO's across almost every conceivable industry.

  • 9 business success navigators for every business stage.

  • 3 ways to restructure your marketing capability into a media publishing powerhouse.

  • BONUS:  Includes Over 200+ question prompts you can use to drive your business forward.

Learn what’s working for Kiwi business owners, and the questions to ask, to unlock your own professional and personal success.

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The Kiwi Business Book

This 100% Kiwi Business book has been produced using the century-old proven technique of offset printing, to produce a book of the highest possible print quality. 100% Kiwi Business book is a premium large format book.

Audiobook Now Available

The 100% Kiwi Business audiobook is now available for those that prefer to listen than read. Each episode from start to finished is narrated by the author personally.

Listen on any of the major audiobook platforms. For New Zealand listeners we recommend AudiobooksNZ as every new subscriber gets the first book free (worth $NZD22).

If you already have an Amazon Audible account, then this book qualifies as one monthly credit. Get the book on Audible.

What Readers Are Saying

Ryan L Jennings Author, Kirk Hope CEO BusinessNZ.

Ryan L Jennings Author, Kirk Hope CEO BusinessNZ.

“The lessons and learnings in this book will be of relevance and benefit across the entire business ecosystem and, I hope, provide encouragement.”
— Kirk Hope, CEO BusinessNZ
Steve Nathan receiving one of the first copies.

Steve Nathan receiving one of the first copies.

“Ryan has done a great job with the book and I am honoured to have been part of the journey which led to its publication.”
— Steve Nathan, TimeHub
chris ormond giant brewing.jpg
“Takes a lot of passion and determination to do 100 one-on-one business interviews and then turn into a book.”
— Chris Ormond Owner, Giant Brewing
“What a gorgeous book. And loaded with seriously useful and provocative knowledge. Nice work.”
— Michael Greenstein Digital Solutions, Fingermark Global.
“‘100% Kiwi Business’ is a fantastic resource, both insightful & surprising, & truly relevant for those operating in the NZ business environment.

All this in a beautifully presented hardback format; well done, Ryan!”
— Louise Ward, Wardini Books.
Richard Corney, Co-Founder Flight Coffee.

Richard Corney, Co-Founder Flight Coffee.

“100% Kiwi Business is a brilliant book and gives great practical insights in to business success for NZ companies and post Brexit has the potential to help NZ win business. Ryan is a great business thinker”
— Naj Alidina - CEO Solutions by Interact, UK
naj alidina.jpeg
“This is quite some book. It’s pretty weighty. It’s got a lot of content.”
— Corin Dann TVNZ - Q&A Current Affairs.
“This book has been well researched. Not many business books are so comprehensive.

I wish it had been available 30 years ago!”
— Karen Stratford - Aflex Technology, Nelson NZ.


New Zealand Orders 

The books ship from New Zealand so for Kiwi's here you'll get yours within 72 hours.

Order 100% Kiwi Business hardcover book.
Delivery Instructions

“You can do it, if you really want to.”
— Craig Hickson, New Zealander of the Year

Ryan L. Jennings interviewed 100 business owners for the Ryan Marketing Show iTunes Podcast to share the goodness that New Zealanders are creating.

He enjoys playing on the edge of business and technology and is curious about what happens next. 

Jennings is Executive Director Buy New Zealand Made Campaign, a NZ Business Mentor, Adviser, Speaker and Top Writer on Climate Change for the U.S. Medium Publication.